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About the Flexicord® Family of Products

Divide and Conquer
Designed as "always the right length" solutions for common A/V and computer cables, Flexicord® cables stretch to any length from one foot to ten feet. A Flexicord® cable can be straightened out to ten feet; once extended, it holds its shape and will not recoil. Flexicord® cables eliminate the need to ask "what cable length do I need?"
In the past, when you had to purchase a cable to hook up A/V equipment, you would have to guess the proper cable length. Invariably, the cord would be too long, pooling messily behind the entertainment center, or worse, too short, forcing you to return to the store for an exchange.
A Flexicord® cable is the solution because it's always the right length. It stretches to fit, keeps the area behind your A/V components neat and clean, stays off the floor and eliminates cable clutter.
A coiling tube, included with each Flexicord® product, allows the consumer to return the cable to its original coiled shape whenever needed.
Flexicord® cables are available for several consumer electronics applications, including USB and HDMI. In November 2008, the Flexicord® HDMI cable was named an honoree of the highly coveted CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award.
Flexicord® products are exclusively distributed by E-Filliate, based in California. For more information about Flexicord® , please contact Sales at 1-800-592-7031 or sales@efilliate.com.
Flexicord | The Only HDMI and USB Cable That Holds Its Shape!
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